Summer Latin Cruises
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Dance The Night Away

During the trip let us guide you through the quiet waters of False Creek, Granville island, Science World and also don't forget the beautiful West Van Shore line. Of course these are just a few of the reasons to get your calendars and write the dates for this Salsa event and get your Tickets for the Summer Latin Cruises Salsa Nights 2019 in Vancouver. Seems like is a good idea to bring your camera and take the most amazing pictures for your albums.

Full Bar

Our Cruises offer a full bar service. Enjoy our cruises with the best latin drinks Vancouver has to offer.

Light Buffet

Our Cruise offers a Light buffet before starting the party. Come and enjoy some food while listening to the best latin music.

DJ’s Music

Our Cruises offers the best latin music in Vancouver. Our cruise has multiple floors with Salsa music, bachata, reggaeton, and top 40 music for everyone to dance the night away.

Experience the Summer Latin Cruises

Experience The Summer Latin Cruises Salsa nights in a 3 hour boat cruise and dance the night away with the best selection of Latin Music, Salsa and Top 40’s in the city of Vancouver.

Van City has one of the most amazing latin and salsa parties on Water for more than 16 years. 3 floors with good Music, Light Buffet and a spectacular view of the city of Vancouver.

Don’t forget that the Latin Boat Cruise party will leaves at 7:55 pm and the boarding will start at 7:00 pm. Also Tickets will be available immediately we publish the dates of the cruises around March of each Year.

Summer Schedule

Bring two 2 pieces of I.D with you and one of them has to have a picture on it. The address is 750 Pacific Blvd and for more details about boarding and departing check our page. We Hope to see you this season...! If you need tickets get them now.

If you want to find more about Latin Events in Vancouver there is a page that has all the information about that Vancouver Latin Fever. You will find the latest info for Latin Clubs, Salsa events, latin festivals, Latin Cruises and more. Live the Latin Experience and Salsa dancing.

Buy your tickets for these kind of celebrations, let us know and we will give you a discount code.
  • Birthdays

    Experience an unforgettable birthday celebration with style at Summer Latin Cruises, where vibrant rhythms and VIP service combine to create a sensational party atmosphere.

  • Stagettes

    Transform your bachelorette party into a memorable celebration of love, laughter, and Latin rhythms at Summer Latin Cruises.

  • Anniversaries

    Create cherished anniversary memories aboard Summer Latin Cruises, where the perfect blend of romance, joy, and rhythmic beats awaits for an unforgettable celebration.

  • Graduations

    Commence a new chapter in life with a graduation celebration like no other aboard Summer Latin Cruises.

  • Farewells

    Immerse yourself in the rhythmic waves and create lasting memories as you bid adieu in style, surrounded by the dynamic energy of the open sea.


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